Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Soldier's message

Chapter 3.

Samantha sat right up in front of him as if  perched on an ant hill.  "Listen", she spoke seriously, taking hold of his slim face with his thick short hair.  "I can't wait for you to decide what you want to do", she told him, the seriousness in her voice made him want to react, only he didn't know how.  For so long the Military had arranged his responses.  To every given situation, there was a reaction. He knew when to wash, eat, sleep, switch on, switch off...fight if needs be....he realised in this moment that he didn't know 'How to just be'.

"Look Baby", he held her small shoulders, turning her to face him...   "All I know is this.... I love you, with all of my heart, I want you to remember this okay?... I love you Samantha".

There may have been a second or two, he couldn't be sure, where he felt his body being pushed,  he felt  incredibly helpless.  It would take another few minutes for him to hear the transcription coming from his friend's mouth.... "Daniel, Wake Up! Wake Up!  ......Will you just wake up for fucks sake!"

  Day broke, in an instant.

There was nothing that could alert the brain as quickly as the news of a comrade being killed.
Prickly heat hurt the skin, it was something always to be aware of.  If it wasn't covered ,the skin became very painful, quickly.  "I am going away Dan", ~Samantha cut in to the frame, slicing away the remnants of reality "I don't want you to worry about me, do you hear?"  her sullen expression transfixed with impish cheek.  "Gran says I can stay with her until you get home".    Daniel grappled with the scenes deteriorating, hurriedly placing them in to filing cabinets, in order of importance.  He viewed the fading photograph of Samantha behind shuttered eyes, reluctantly he gave in to the light bearing down on his face unrepentatly.... he eased out of the dream, being sure that this infact  was the last time he would 'See' Samantha exactly as she was when he last saw her.... with her belly just slightly protruding in a pink printed smock and leggins, standing beneath the Elm tree in her 'Nanna's' garden.

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